What news to wake up to. Considered a “major incident”, a “possible terror attack”, where a “48-year-old-man has been arrested.”

The Finsbury Park savage attack has been reported with no mention of the perpetrator’s background and a late recognition of this for what it is: a terrorist attack. This was a deliberate attack on Muslim lives and the media fail to call it what it is.

I cringe watching the news. The language is one of demonising the “Islamists” – despite the fact the criminals carrying out attacks in the name of Islam are the furthest thing from Muslim – and of protecting terrorists and criminals from other backgrounds. The word “criminal” is very rarely used in the media. When a terrorist attack occurs we should identify the evil individuals as nothing more than criminals. Irrespective of their background they have one thing in common – the evil motive of terror. They are not worthy of media attention. We should not report on their background, “inspiration”, or ideology. We should not give them a platform. They are not worthy of a name. They are inhumane. Monsters.

Muslims worshipping at their local mosque are well within their rights to do so, and more importantly have the human right to feel safe in the world and within their communities. This atrocity is an attack against human life, shared values of love, respect and unity. I fear for my loved ones who are Muslim, who pray at their local mosque. I worry for their lives every time they leave their homes. It should be a joint responsibility to protect one another, irrespective of our backgrounds.

London, I love you. We are all with you. The most beautiful multicultural city in the world will never be broken. Stand strong and stay united. 


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